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Happy New Year from Upvote Models!

**HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM UPVOTE MODELS!**   We started as a simple idea; to help models on social media network and connect. This is just the beginning, and we thank each and every one of you for your continued support Stay tuned, as 2016 will be a HUGE year for us! May you and yours…
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How do you remove puffy eyes from photos?

How to remove puffy eyes in Photoshop? This is one of the most asked questions in all of model photography  A  picture can speak more about you on personality, confidence, trust,  respect and many more. As the face determines ones characters as a whole  at one shot, it is important to present a photograph of…
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Can you take professional looking model shots in your own home?

After a while, everyone in modeling beings to wonder: can you really produce professional model photos in  your home? The answer is YES - as long as you know the basics of how cameras and light interact. For the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that you have already taken outdoor pictures of…
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Sustaining a fanbase

When it comes to sites like Instagram and Twitter, it is important to realize that many people forget that sustaining a fan base is just as important as posting interesting stuff. Many times people use apps like Instagram and amass a huge following, only to find that over time, they lose most of their fans…
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