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About Us

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Upvote Models is a website and blog specifically dedicated to finding the most beautiful up-and-coming modelsĀ on the internet.

In 2015, an idea was born out of a curiosity and a fascination with social media. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others have dramatically changed the way people interact. It is no surprise that in the past few years, thousands of people have been able to make a name for themselves through social media in nearly every industry.

However, after much exploration in the world of social media, it became increasingly clear that promotions and representation is extremely disorganized. There are modeling agencies, of course, but none of them represented what the new breed of models were looking for: a simple, intuitive, blog that could be easily shared, and combined the many unique styles of the online realm. That is why this website was founded.

Since the initial launch, we have had over 600 model inquiries, and over 60 published placements, including an overall boost to everyone's social media presence.

Upvote Models is the cultivation of years of study and practice in the art and science of social media promotion and maintenance. In other words, in normal language, that means that Upvote Models specializes in helping models reach new audiences, maintain old ones, and improve content for everybody. It all starts with one decision. Who will help you in the world of social media?

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